Beep Movie Extras

Movie extras will be on the DVD as well as available free online.
If you'd like to sponsor an Extra, please get in touch with us! We have other ideas for extras, including for instance game music outside the game ("on record"), and a chiptunes. However, we need additional funds to make these happen.

#1. How to Get into the Game Audio Industry

We know there are a lot of you that want to work in game audio, and we're bringing the tips and tricks from the pros right to you!
Sponsored by GameSoundCon

#2. A Tribute to Ryu Umemoto

 Ryu Umemoto was a pioneer and visionary in the field of game music. A self-taught musician, he became a  legend in the game industry by changing the perception and expectations of what game music could offer. Through his work on games such as Eve Burst Error, YU-NO and Desire, Umemoto built a foundation of visual novel software that influenced a generation of game composers. In 2011, he passed away from sudden illness. He left behind a legacy of innovation, impact, and a heartfelt wish for his music to reach far and wide for many years to come. We'll be interviewing his friend Audun Sørlie who will share with us Ryu's story.


#3. Big In Japan: A Japanese Special

  Beep: Big in Japan special is a 20-minute special about the differences between the Japanese and Western game audio worlds, with a focus on songs in games, game music records/CDs, house bands and attitudes towards game composition. Put together as a special for Game Music Connect 2015.



Beep is in need of funding to help us to complete the project. If you are interested in sponsoring us, we have opportunities beginning at just $100 for webisode branding.


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