Feature Film

A ~90min documentary feature covering interviews and footage from the past 100 years of game sound.

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Beep the Book

Transcriptions of our full interviews, along with lots of extras from the history of game sound.

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Webisodes and Extras

Featured content of full-length interviews from game sound designers, composers, audio directors, programmers, tools creators and more.

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Latest News

August 23, 2015

Our second webisode is now up on Vimeo. We've been hard at work getting together a special for Game Music Connect and wrappig up production. We have finished shooting and are deep at work on editing! We'd love to have you sponsor a webisode, so please check out our sponsors page! Watch our Vimeo page, or follow us on Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter for regular updates on the webisodes.

April 2, 2015

We are now releasing our interviews in a series of webisodes: The first one, Richard Ludlow of Hexany Audio is up now. Richard had a short but sweet interview about working in the industry, contracts and managing audio teams. If you're interested in getting into game audio, this is great one to watch! Webisodes are edited versions of our interviews, but the footage is raw (minimal colour correction and audio processing). We'd love to have you sponsor a webisode, so please check out our sponsors page! Watch our Vimeo page, or follow us on Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter for regular updates on the webisodes.

March 17, 2015

Sorry for the lack of updates--we do update Twitter and Facebook more regularly. We've been extremely busy travelling around the world to interview as many people as we can! We just wrapped up two weeks in beautiful San Francisco where we premiered a teaser at GDC. We've got a lot of work to do to edit all this footage now, and prepare for our next trips to Seattle and then Japan. We've finished our cycle of thank-yous on Twitter for all of our backers. If you backed us and didn't get thanked, please contact us. Webisodes will begin soon!

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!
We just have a few announcements to start off the new year.

  1. Webisodes to begin soon! That’s right: We’ll be releasing a new webisode interview every few weeks for you to enjoy as we build up to the film’s release! You can enjoy these for free, and we’ll be putting up links once they’re ready.
  2. Looking for webisode sponsors: If you missed our last announcement, is raising additional funds to support the project by offering sponsorships of our webisodes. See our web page for more information, but sponsorships begin at just $100.
  3. Upcoming shooting! We’ll be at MAGFest later this month, a three-day extravaganza of chip tunes and game music! Next month, we’ll be at the AES for Games conference in London, UK.   If we’re not in the middle of a shoot and you see us in our Beep Crew hoodies, please feel free to come up and introduce yourself!
  4. Slight Web revamp: After getting hacked twice, we've revamped the website a little bit, including abandoning the Feedburner newsletter. Apologies to those who signed up earlier for any confusion. You can now sign up to get updates through Twitter or Facebook.

November 11, 2014

We're about to begin our thanking session on Twitter for our Kickstarter backers. Follow us to hear about the wonderful people that have helped to make Beep happen!

We're editing our first filming sessions from Los Angeles in September and October 2014 and busy building out our script and preparing for our next interviews!

We've set up an RSS feed for our news, so be sure to follow us by signing up your email at the bottom of this page.



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We have new Sponsorship opportunities, including branding webisodes and sponsoring DVD Extras.

Please help us out by sponsoring! Prices begin at just $100!

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Beep raised about $60,000 through a Kickstarter campaign in September 2014. However, about $20,000 of that will go to fulfilling our obligations to our backers. We still require more funding to enable us to interview all of the great people we want to get to for this project. Equipment, Insurance, Travel, Interpreters and other expenses add up quickly on a film set! We really appreciate any help that you can offer us in the form of a donation. We will add you to our backers list and send out a Tweet in your name for all who donate more than $5 CAD.